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Trek at the Doors of Hell (6 days)

A 6-day exploration along the best known of Iceland's volcano's, through the mysterious remote terrain of its southeastern flanc.

Rough itinerary:

  1. Reykjavík > Fljotshlið
  2. To Tindfjöll ridge
  3. Markarfljot canyon
  4. Mt Krakatindur
  5. To Landmannahellir
  6. To Landmannalaugar > Reykjavik

If the date that interests you is closed (fully booked or impassable trail) you can take part in another trek of the same duration, same spirit and at the same level in the same area but taking a different route. (See other 6 day-trekkings)

This concentrated itinerary is part of our collection of trips that speak to the purist hiker with a spirit of adventure.

This year, we are offering several departures for a maximum number of 12 participants. The volcano Mount Hekla has always fascinated man and the magic that revolves around its reputation, which goes well beyond Icelands' shores. Considered during the Middle Ages as an access to hell, Ancient Rome, in it's day, advised fishermen to see for themselves what lay beyond if they ventured as far. The volcano's eruptions often ruined the countryside and was the source of worry for the islands' people, who feared and revered the volcano at the same time. But what was feared the most was that an eruption from one of the faces of the volcano would ruin its perfect shape.

This beautiful strato-volcano (a volcanic edifice built over centuries through a series of volcanic eruptions) is still active and closely monitored by the volcanologists' seismographs. We hike along the volcano from a reasonably safe distance in order to maintain safety and we stay informed of the relative volcanic activity.

With the exception of a lightweight day pack, all equipment and luggage is transported by a 4x4 support vehicle, which will make numerous detours in order to meet us at our evening destination. The guide is linked by radio to our base station in Reykjavik and to 4x4 vehicle assistance if required.

If you have more than a week to spend in Iceland, then it is possible to link this trek, before or after it, with a 6-day overland discovery on the South Cost making alltogether (with a resting day in between) a fabulous journey of 13 days. Overland and trekking





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Lenght : 6 days

Group : 6-12 pers.

Grade : moderate

Accommodation : hut to hut

Date: July to Sept

Reference price : 224.000 IKR

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Departure Return Price Availabilities
06 Jul 2014 10 Jul 2014  1050 € ($1365 ) Full  Fully booked!
06 Jul 2014 11 Jul 2014  1400 € ($1820 ) Full  Fully booked!
13 Jul 2014 18 Jul 2014  1400 € ($1820 ) Full  Fully booked!
20 Jul 2014 25 Jul 2014  1400 € ($1820 ) Full  Fully booked!
03 Aug 2014 08 Aug 2014  1400 € ($1820 ) Full  Fully booked!
17 Aug 2014 22 Aug 2014  1400 € ($1820 )  

(updated on 2014-08-23)

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