Before booking

Writing those lines may not seem commercially correct, but after nearly 40 years in the field, I find it crucial to say a few words about living in a group. Our well-travelled friends and clients will appreciate that.

You are landing with strangers on a strange island…but soon you will become friendly with the other members of your party, as you all share the same spirit of adventure, curiosity and discovery.

Sometimes -rarely- someone makes the wrong choice and picks a trip that is just not what they are looking for. On an adventure trip, you need to be open-minded, leave prejudice behind, bring a good sense of humor and that positive attitude will make all the difference. Grumpy characters, stay at home !

Everybody has their ups and downs, and oftentimes when someone becomes tedious, it might be a sign that they are struggling with some issues. It could be personal, or it could be that the highlands’ harsh nature is getting to them, maybe they’re having doubts about their physical fitness, or their new boots are giving them blisters, or perhaps they find the relative comfort of the mountain huts a tad unsettling. If you feel like you or one of the group is having difficulties, tell your guide ! Of course, adventure is not hard science, our staff makes mistakes, vehicles break down, changes in the weather can be extreme… however, should you feel that there is something we are just not doing right, please do not let it linger, let us know right there and then -we’ll do our best to sort it out.

Rest assured that the success of your trips is our main concern as much as yours !

Philippe Patay and Fjallabak’s staff.