Philippe Patay

Philippe Patay Petursson, “Filippus“, 66, founder of Fjallabak and adopted Icelander. He has been traveling and leading trekkings worldwide : Sahara, Greenland, Scotland, Faroe, Eastern Africa, Nepal… and recently he discovered a new passion for Patagonia and Aubrac… Philippe was the first to organize regular trek and ski expeditions in Iceland in the early 1970’s. He is a member of the Guide Association of Iceland. An experienced, passionate ornithologist, photographer, mountaineer and world traveler, he also has a penchant for philosophical chats and for telling long jokes in several languages, often at the same time. His love and enthusiasm for the Icelandic wilderness, is shared by his wife and children, all of whom now work in the organization.

Matthildur Filippusdóttir Patay

Matthildur Filippusdóttir Patay, “Matta”, 36, head of the office and manager. She is the one you should talk to when planning your trip to Iceland, she takes care of all the details that make the difference between a good and a really great trip! Additionally, she is our chief translator and provider of wonderful smiles and good humor for tired travelers, guides and drivers. Daughter of Philippe and Sigga, out of season she studies at the University of Iceland or in Paris and is an expert on all of Reykjavik’s trendiest cafés. She takes her two sons to the mountains as often as she can,

Andrés Úlfur Helguson

Andrés Úlfur Helguson (43) drives in the mountains around the Mount Hekla during the summer for Fjallabak with the all the travelers equipment and supplies. During the winter he works as a driver/guide and glacier guide. He has the biggest smile and is the one who knows everything, our jack of all trade. The equal temper of this tall man, his calm and his disarming smile makes him a key element especially when the season overflows. Anthropologist and educator training for youth. He was sent on foreign missions to Ethiopia. Andrés is Matthildur’s companion and the father of their two little boys: Grímúlfur, Masked Wolf, and Filippus Flóki. The grandfather, already foresees positions for them in thirty years.

Sigridur Lovisa Arnarsdottir

Sigridur Lovisa Arnarsdottir,“Sigga Lolla”, (age: restrictive access) was born and raised in the village of Siglufjöður, north Iceland, a small, isolated herring port at the top of the world. However, she now loves Paris almost as much. She has been leaving in the mountains of Provence, where her fist child is born. She has been traveling to Africa, Scotland and South America. As the office administrator and wife of Philippe, she would agree that she probably has the hardest work in the organization. Her dreams alternate between India and California…

Gabriel Patay Filippusson

Gabriel Patay Filippusson,“Gabbi”, 36, mountain guide. As son of Philippe and Sigridur, he has the highlands in his blood. An experienced leader of many Icelandic expeditions, but also trips to Greenland, Alaska and the Sahara. Fluently speaking English and French, passionate supporter of Icelandic nature, talented photographer and has a special love for mechanics . Off-season, he is a carpenter and travels Iceland and the world with little regard for personal safety. This year, he is re-furbishing a sailboat to enable more extreme travels. He became a little bit more sedentary since his wonderful son was born two years ago but he is yet planning to take him soon on the road of freedom.  Need we say more?