Fjallabak guides

Randi Meitil

Randil Meitil

Randi Meitil has worked with Philippe Patay for almost 20 years organizing and guiding trekking tours and other voyages in the Faroe Islands. She is born and lives in the capital of the islands, Tórshavn. She is a passionate mediator of faroese nature, culture and history and knows all the legends connected to the landscape of her beloved islands. She has been a teaching Spanish and faroese in high school for many years but recently she has left the school to work full time leading groups to her favorite places in the Faroes. Her aim is to give people an experience that is as authentic and original as possible. Beside the Scandinavian languages she is guiding in french, English, German and Spanish.

Þórdís Kristvinsdóttir


Þórdís Kristvinsdóttir AKA Dísa is a charming 44 year old Icelandic woman. Married and has two grown up boys. She has been wondering about outdoors and in the mountains since her childhood. She is a specialist of the East of Iceland since she is from Egilsstadir, the capital of the East. She graduated from the Mountain guiding school in 2014 and since then she hardly ever comes to town because she is always bicycling somewhere in the East part of Iceland with people. She has also done quite a lot of jeep tour adventures into Kverkfjöll and Askja.

Laurent Jegu

Laurent Jegu, (38) is from Brittany in France. He has a master of trade and communication with a specialization in multimedia and audiovisual. Came to Iceland for three months to work in a production of films and reportage. Small casual jobs he eventually settled for good. He was busy organizing a film festival in Reykjavik and then leads to adventure tourism.Laurent is a dedicated leader, resourceful and tempered with whom it is a pleasure to travel. He often turns our duet with Estrid.

Þórir Gunnar Jónsson

Thorir one of Fjallabak Trekking's guides in Iceland

Thorir is a charming and strong young man who joined our team last summer and we are so happy to have him! He knows how to create a smooth and good ambiance in the wilderness and make our trekkers feel good and secure.

Páll Zophanias Pálsson

Palli one of Fjallabak Trekking's guides in Iceland

When I was 14 years old I went on a hike with Fjallabak. It opened my eyes to a new relm of adventure. Since then I have always wanted to work for them. The path to realize that dream was long and a strange one, but it was worth it. Now a new chapter begins and hopefully you will be a part of that.

Pierre Brihat

Pierre Brihat “Pierrot” or “Pedro” (46), is proud to be from Marseille, the same town as the Greek explorer Pytheas, who is thought to be the first discoverer of Iceland in about 325BC. He is also renowned (Pierre, not Pytheas) to be the best pasta maker in The North. He has lived in California, but today lives in Paris from where he administers our website and our computers. Pierre has a serious disease called “fidgeting”. This spring, before coming to Icelandic for the season, he beefed up by riding his bike, a powerful BMW (R1200 GS Adv), around America on a 20.000 miles road trip. Despite the time gap and thanks to the internet, we were able to work almost as usual and thanks to Skype, we have visited many motel rooms as the background of a happy bikers face. We think that walking in Iceland is the only thing which makes him forget his bike.

Yoan Fontana

Yoan Fontana (26) is originated from the French Alps but he is guiding most of the year in northern Europe, sharing his time between Iceland for summer trekking and Scandinavia in winter crossing white deserts with his Siberian huskys. Since sled dogging was his passion, he naturally turn it into profession. “Self-sufficiency with friends is my way of life and nothing else matters.”
If in winter you’re looking for something unique in the middle of nowhere, you’ll meet in Lapland the passion and expertise of Yoan and Co to experience multi-activity raids or adventures in the European wild North, Russia and Scandinavia. North Territories provides experience, safety and traditional comfort for anyone looking for genuine experiences far away from the usual tourist tracks.

Andrés Úlfur Helguson

Andrés Úlfur Helguson (43) drives in the mountains around the Mount Hekla during the summer for Fjallabak with the all the travelers equipment and supplies. During the winter he works as a driver/guide and glacier guide. He has the biggest smile and is the one who knows everything, our jack of all trade. The equal temper of this tall man, his calm and his disarming smile makes him a key element especially when the season overflows. Anthropologist and educator training for youth. He was sent on foreign missions to Ethiopia. Andrés is Matthildur’s companion and the father of their two little boys: Grímúlfur, Masked Wolf, and Filippus Flóki. The grandfather, already foresees positions for them in thirty years.

Þór Tulinius

Þór Tulinius, Thor (50), yes that’s right, as the Norse god. He is a renowned theater actor in Iceland. But with 330,000 inhabitants the country can offer him not more than a descent salary.

This explains the versatility of living in this country and simplicity of social relations. So when summer comes, he goes on guiding on the tracks. Thor spent part of his childhood in France and in the United States of America and speaks several languages. His prestence, dedication, great culture and its fine attitude make him an excellent guide.

Lea Gestdóttir

Lea Gestdóttir (28) is the very last mountain muse of Fjallabak. French by her mother, she recently got her diploma of philosophy from the Sorbonne University of Paris. When she speaks French she is the revolutionary resistant trendy type, but when she expresses herself in Icelandic, she talks with this strong old fashion viking accent from Dalvik in the North of Iceland. Lea is completely fluent in English and she is also very comfortable with Italian and Spanish. After one summer of intense formation in 2009, she is now one of our very experimented guide, indefatigable, friendly and devoted to her clients and in love with the mountains of Iceland.