All-season discoveries

Guided tours – Small groups

Three magnificent and evolutive seasons where Nature expresses its strength and character through very different themes. A feast for photographers, a paradise for birders,  a delight for contemplatives.

We propose here different OFF SEASON routes from 4 to 12 days particularly on circular road Nr.1, but also on roads that follow the shore of some majestic peninsulas. A nice journey with just a few enthusiasts traveling companions and led by a specialist of Iceland, its nature, its history and legends. A trip where you meet reindeers and migrating birds, hot springs and fresh fish. This is a timeless trip at the four cardinal points and at the four seasons of Iceland. To travel around Iceland is a trip to the constantly renewed horizon. Through landscapes, which follow one another, occupying all spaces and unraveling in a spectacular way, it is held by the single ribbon of one thousand and three hundred kilometers of the circular road n°1. Out of the summer season. The circulation is rare and the island seems to belong to us, much more so than in the summer season.

WINTER: Majestic at the end of winter and at the beginning of spring, Iceland, seldom visited at this season, keeps all its mystery. At the end of the night, when the light goes up with promises of rebirth, we like to explore the country and check that the summer will return. The immense little country is for us alone, uncertain weather, hot water, volcanoes covered with snow, the last northern lights, horses that look like “cuddly” toys, reindeers which cross our road, a stubborn 4×4 vehicle, comfortable lodgings, kitchen recipes, stories, legends…

SPRING: An overflow of life invades the tundra and the meadows, which have tender green colours, whereas the tops still remain covered with snow. It is the spectacular return of the migrating birds. From America, Europe and Africa, great flights are coming towards Iceland. They all arrive, wild swans, barnacle gooses, Harlequin ducks, and phalaropes, all ready to start again with enthusiasm the repetition of life. Mating is in full swing and the birds are not afraid, almost unconscious, and don’t show yet their mistrust as they will a few weeks later when they will be breading and raising their youngsters. The ocean that breathes like a lung takes again a strong and subtle scent of freedom and vastness.

FALL: In September and October, the first northern lights illuminate the first dark nights. The first frosty nights install the mirrors of the morning hard rime. Rolling hilltops capped with icing sugar chase the sheep down to the valley below where the horsemen gather them. The light is incredible, and the “fires” of autumn set ablaze the arctic vegetation: green dark pines, arctic birches, spruces, woolly willows and rowans are competing. Fat redwings and other passerines are stuffing themselves with berries. On the tundra, gathering wild geese are rehearsing before the great flight South over the ocean. Before this world disappears in the storms of the arctic night, the ephemeral beauty of this season leaves a profound mark on the general pace of life, kindling our nostalgia and vibrant desire of harmony.




FACTS about the evolution of TOURISM in Iceland (Before the Covid 19 crisis)

Iceland in summer has become a victim of its own success. In the inhabited lowlands at its periphery “some of the must-see location” have become real mass tourism attraction. The famous Golden Circle (Thingvellir, Geyser, Gullfoss) is aptly named. On the South Coast in summer and even in other seasons you may have to drive far East from the capital to escape the crowd and the big XL coaches and start to feel again this space and freedom you are looking for.
Following the severe economic crisis that hit the country 10 years ago, Icelanders, with the optimism that characterizes them, began to fully capitalize on tourism and services that have recently rose all around the country, for better or for worse. Do not be fooled by online advertising, its simplistic slogans and beautiful images, not always really honest. Think twice before booking a trip.

Hopefully, with the covid crisis once behind us, things will become more reasonable in the Icelandic tourism busines.