Photos trips

We offer a variety of photo trips in Iceland

  1. Either accompanied by a driver-guide of our team and a professional photographer who will advise you on the technical and artistic aspect of photography
  2. Either, with a driver guide,very good photographer himself but neither technician nor teacher, but knowing the most remote tracks of the country and its best kept secrets. If you are already a technically confirmed photographer and your goal is primarily to search for rare lights and extraordinary landscapes, then this kind of adventure is for you.

In winter we hunt the northern lights, the snow-capped landscape, or the blizzard on the ice.
In the spring we travel in the fjords, on the cliffs or marshes and “hunt” the winged fauna with our tele-objectives.
In late summer, early fall, in the grazing lights of late summer we will get lost in the heart of the volcanic highlands where are some of the most incredible landscapes on the planet.

More departures will take place in 2020. They will be published during the month of October November 2019: A trip at the end of the winter for the hunters of aurora borealis, a departure in the heart of the highlands in the month of August and a trip in mid-September in the light and flamboyant colors of autumn.