Fjallabak’s team

Our guides are the keystones of all our trips. We, at Fjallabak know their importance, as we all started out guiding and all continue to do so when time permits! The guide takes care of all the details necessary for a successful journey: the group spirit, security, supplies and relations with the local population. They carry out the itinerary and modify it according to the group and the conditions. All of our guides are cultivated men and women, enthusiastic about their work and above all, experts in the area where they guide. Group safety is most important to us and our guides are fully trained in wilderness first aid and rescue procedures. Either native or adopted Icelanders, our guides all speak English in addition to various other languages such as French, Italian, German and Japanese.

Most often our guides are accompanied by an assistant and a driver, themselves great characters, mountain experts and fonts of local knowledge, who also play an important role in the success of the journey. And all of our trips also rely on the hard work of a talented group of support staff. Our team here is all dedicated to just one aim: to ensure that each tour is successful, safe and an unforgettable experience for all.


Fjallabak’s staff

Randil Meitil

Randi Meitil

Randi Meitil has worked with Philippe Patay for almost 20 years organizing and guiding trekking tours and other voyages in the Faroe Islands. She is born and lives in the capital of the islands, Tórshavn. She is a passionate mediator…
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Laurent Jegu

Laurent Jegu, (38) is from Brittany in France. He has a master of trade and communication with a specialization in multimedia and audiovisual. Came to Iceland for three months to work in a production of films and reportage. Small casual…
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Pierre Brihat

Pierre Brihat “Pierrot” or “Pedro” (46), is proud to be from Marseille, the same town as the Greek explorer Pytheas, who is thought to be the first discoverer of Iceland in about 325BC. He is also renowned (Pierre, not Pytheas)…
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Yoan Fontana

Yoan Fontana (26) is originated from the French Alps but he is guiding most of the year in northern Europe, sharing his time between Iceland for summer trekking and Scandinavia in winter crossing white deserts with his Siberian huskys. Since…
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Andrés Úlfur Helguson

Andrés Úlfur Helguson (43) drives in the mountains around the Mount Hekla during the summer for Fjallabak with the all the travelers equipment and supplies. During the winter he works as a driver/guide and glacier guide. He has the biggest smile…
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Þór Tulinius

Þór Tulinius, Thor (50), yes that’s right, as the Norse god. He is a renowned theater actor in Iceland. But with 330,000 inhabitants the country can offer him not more than a descent salary. This explains the versatility of living…
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Lea Gestdóttir

Lea Gestdóttir (28) is the very last mountain muse of Fjallabak. French by her mother, she recently got her diploma of philosophy from the Sorbonne University of Paris. When she speaks French she is the revolutionary resistant trendy type, but…
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Stephan Stephensen

Stephan Stephensen, “Stebbi Stef”, (42) mountain guide, returns to the highlands every summer to lead our tours. Yet, he is a very well known member of Reykjavik’s underground music scene and spends much of his year performing as a musician…
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Estrid Thorvaldsdottir

Estrid Thorvaldsdottir, (37), trekking and sightseeing guide. Here is another linguist genius : not only she speaks all scandinavian languages, she also masters french and italian. Throughout the year she teaches yoga both at the city hospitals and in yoga…
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Sveinn Steinar Benediktson

Sveinn Steinar Benediktson, “Svenni”, (33) is an electronic engineer studying at the University of Art in Reykjavik, a musician and artist. When he is not driving jeeps and trucks he is guiding challenging treks in the interior of the country….
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David Kelley

David Kelley “Kelso”, (45), mountain guide. He came to these shores 10 summers ago, after “getting his mid-life crisis in early…”. An experienced, passionate leader, he loves food just as much as he loves walking, so a good trip is…
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Séverine Pech

Séverine Pech, “Sigurlina” is a phenomenon, a solid girl with a big heart. This child of the Cathar country, who went through the Sorbonne, understands during a training of glider over Annecy, her need for immensity. She leaves everything behind…
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Gabriel Patay Filippusson

Gabriel Patay Filippusson,“Gabbi” (38) mountain guide. As son of Philippe and Sigridur, he has the highlands in his blood. An experienced leader of many Icelandic expeditions, but also trips to Greenland, Alaska and the Sahara. Fluently speaking English and French,…
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Aurélien Bihr

Aurélien Bihr, “Aurel” 37, (our American clients call him Orwellian) trekking guide and driver is Fjallabak’s adopted son. A Frenchman and father of “mini-me”, Adrien, 12 years old, he lived in Iceland for 8 years and always comes back, since…
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