Self-drive adventure in Summer

Period from June 20 to August 19

The attached spreadsheets below show indicative prices per person for self-guided trips:

  • of different durations from Reykjavik
  • with different types of vehicles
  • with different accommodation categories

Overnight stays in Reykjavik on arrival and at the end of the trip are not included here, nor airport transfers on arrival and departure. But we can include them, as it is also possible to pickup the vehicle on arrival at Keflavik International Airport and to return it at the end of the trip to Reykjavik or at Keflavik airport.

The prices which appear on these tables are only indicative, but rather close (+/-) to the quotation which we will establish for you and with you, according to the duration of your stay, the type and the availability of accommodation
It is possible to mix rustic and comfortable accommodation, which we recommend for longer journeys, especially if you are going to discover the highlands in a 4x4 vehicle.

We proposes 3 types of accommodations for your adventure :

  1. Sleeping bag accommodation in hostels and/or huts and/or cabin - No breakfast
  2. Guesthouse and B&B standard (or cabin) made-up bed twin or single with shared facilities - breakfast included - Kitchen facilities if no restaurant around
  3. Hotel or Inn***/**** (or cabin***) in double, double-twin room and single room - breakfast included -

In sleeping bag accommodation (hostels, refuges ) you have access to a kitchen to prepare your meal.
Likewise for most guesthouses, B&B standart or cabins when they are not serving dinner and / or breakfast.

We strongly recommend for longer trips, especially those in a 4x4 vehicle, to mix the different types of accommodation to be able to discover as much of Iceland as possible with more reasonable driving stages.

Ferry and domestic flight (eventualy)
You can book a ferry or domestic flight through us (at an additional cost)

At your expense:
  • Optional additional insurance for the vehicle *
  • Supplement for a second driver *
  • * (pay by credit card when picking up the vehicle from the rental company)
  • Fuel costs
  • Your meals
  • Breakfast not included in sleeping bag accommodation

Click on these links to consult the prices of a self-drive:

By a regular car:

By 4wd jeep:

Please consult carefully the Information section below
Your flight to Iceland

Price / Estimated
To change the indicative price in your prefered currency, choose it from the available list in the upper right-hand corner of this page.
Conversion rates are from the Icelandic National Bank

Book your flight as soon as possible! Either with your local travel agent or directly online:

See the Flying to Iceland page in the information section of our website

Your contact for a self-drive project is: Matthildur tel. 00 +354 824 3072

Your journey: when and how? When you know the exact schedules of your return flights, therefore the exact duration of your trip, then we can establish a first offer and quote for your auto-tour

But then, we will also need to know,

  • How many adults and kid(s) (age) you are
  • What you would like to do (approximately) as a route
  • What is absolutely a must for you (if possible)
  • Which vehicle category you would like
  • What accommodation category you would consider: Comfort? Standard? Rustic? Mix of these 3 categories?

Draft route: We can then establish a first draft route and a first indicative rating. The ideal is of course that you have a map of Iceland open in front of you if we are talking together on the phone or on Skype or on Whats App. to discuss the itinerary and the spirit of the trip

Registration / booking confirmation: If this quotation suits you then we will send you a confidential link where you can register online by paying a deposit of 30% of the advertised price

Price and program confirmation: Once your confirmation deposit has been received, we will immediately start booking accommodation. One and two weeks later, we will send you the final itinerary based on the accommodation available which has been confirmed to us as well as the exact price of your self-drive.

Note: the later we reserve the accommodation, the more the choice and availability will decrease

One month prior your arrival and after the payment of the balance of your trip you will receive as attachments a road book and vouchers to print and which you will need during your trip:

  • vehicle voucher
  • vouchers for each accommodation
  • vouchers for ferry, domestic flight, etc.

Our road-book will give you precise practical indications, but do not describe the landscape or what there is to visit on the way. Of course we will give you some specific informations on what you should not miss on the way and the tourist spots that you can ignore

Our road books are presented in the form of a table where are indicated:

  • distances driven each day (on road and on track)
  • spots to hike
  • spots for excursion and activities (whale watching, ice excursion, birding, spa, museum)
  • the names of the accommodations and their situations
  • your hosts' telephone (s)
  • the distribution and type of rooms
  • if breakfast is included
  • if the accommodation offers dinner
  • if you have access to an equipped kitchen
  • the shopping on the way that you would have to do for your meals

Recommended Travel Gear

Try to go as light as possible and take only essentials. Excess baggage can be a burden to you and to our support personal. Keep in mind that there are limits on how much your duffel bag can weigh because the weight restrictions on international and domestic flights is usually 20 kg (70lbs).

For quantities or quality for each item listed, use your own judgement, based on the expected weather conditions and overall packing/weight restrictions for your luggage.

Luggage for overland journeys 

  • Extra bags clearly marked with your name can be kept in the Reykjavik hotel or in our store local office for pick-up at the end of the trip
  • Large duffel bag (60/80 liters) sturdy and water-resistant, not exceeding 15 kg
  • Day pack (30 to 50 liters)


You’ll need to bring comfortable and adequate clothing to protect you from cold and wet weather, such as polypropylene, capilene, or pile. Wool and wool/synthetic blends are also suitable – though wool, if wet, dries slowly compared to synthetic fabrics. We discourage the use of cotton in wet conditions it dries very slowly. 

When layering, the innermost layer should be long underwear. The middle layer can be a synthetic turtleneck or wool shirt, and pants. The outermost layer must be a breathable waterproof jacket such as a good quality Gore-Tex wind/rain parka and over-pants.

Clothing and travel Accessories all the year around

  • Regular underwear. Synthetics are easier to wash and dry
  • Short-sleeved synthetic or cotton/synthetic T-shirts
  • Synthetic thermal underwear
  • Full-length pants, quick-drying synthetic fabric
  • Long-sleeved, synthetic or wool shirt
  • Wool or synthetic socks
  • Synthetic fleece sweater or jacket
  • Gore-Tex rain/wind parka
  • Gore-Tex rain/wind pants
  • Wool hat
  • Gloves (wool or pile)
  • Down jacket from September to May (optional)


  • Swimsuit and towel for hot spring bathing and swimming pool
  • Toiletry kit—soap, toothbrush, and so on.
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Moisturizing lotion. (The air in Iceland is very dry)
  • Sunglasses
  • Swiss Army-type pocket knife (Must be kept in duffle bag, not in hand luggage, when flying !)
  • Half liter capacity unbreakable water bottle or thermos
  • Binoculars for bird watching, seals and whales (from March to September)
  • Hiking poles. Highly recommended
  • Optional but recommended
  • Repair kit with needle, thread, and safety pins
  • Reading and writing material
  • Your favorite snack food such as raisins or chocolate
  • Protein supplements for vegetarian

Specific equipment for summer (May to September)

  • Hiking boots, medium-weight, all leather, with padded ankle, good arch support, and a lug sole traction. Your hiking boots should be waterproof, well broken in, and suitable for rocky terrain or possibly snow
  • Short gaiters easy to put on Highly recommended.
  • Hiking shorts, quick-drying synthetic fabric
  • Hiking trousers, quick-drying synthetic fabric
  • Medium-weight synthetic fleece sweater or jacket
  • Sun & rain hat
  • Sunscreen and lip protection (The sun in Iceland is much more intense than you probably imagine)
  • Teva-type sandals for river crossing. Absolutely recommended!
  • Spare pair of prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, or contact lenses (but not only lenses, as wind-blown dust can make them very uncomfortable)
  • Headlamp or small flashlight with spare batteries (from August only)
  • Netting hood, head net or bug bucket hat * (optional, can be purchased in Iceland / see explanation bellow)

Specific equipment for winter (Oct. to April)

  • Canadian winter boots or warm trekking shoes
  • Cleats for snow and ice adaptable to your shoes
  • Warm synthetic fleece sweater or jacket
  • Warm fleece trousers
  • Silk socks (optional)
  • Silk gloves (specially recommended for photographers)
  • Warm waterproofed shell gloves or mitt
  • Headlamp or small flashlight with spare batteries
  • Ski goggles

When lodging in Hotels and Inns (Comfort Discovery)

  • Casual elegant sportswear for evenings at the hotels
  • Moccasin type shoes or lightweight sports shoe or slipper

When lodging in hostels and huts (Rustic Discovery)

  • Hiking shoes are not allowed inside accommodation
  • Moccasin type shoes or lightweight sports shoe. But your Teva-type sandals for river crossing can also be used inside
  • Comfortable sleeping bag +5°C to +15°C / 32°F to 60°F which can be opened all the way to be used also as comforter
  • Cotton sheet for hut’s mattress
  • Pillow if you can’t sleep without one (optional)
  • Towel and flannel for toileting and shower (or high density synthetic-chamois
  • Eye shades. Highly recommended from April to July!
  • Pile/fleece pants, ideal for around the camp
  • Headlamp or small flashlight with spare batteries (no need from May to July included)
  • 1 or 2 good bottles of wine or a bottle of something stronger (can be bought at duty free at arrival in Iceland and in few places around the country)

Camera, tablets, smart-phones

  • Camera bag
  • Light telescopic tripod and cable release for camera (Longs exposures for Northern Lights from mid-August)
  • Replacement batteries for electrical devices
  • Additional memory card
  • Adapter for electrical plug (European standard)

*About netting hood    There are no mosquitoes in Iceland (yet), but at the beginning of summer midges swarms invade the lowlands rivers banks and lakes as Lake Mývatn “lake of midges”. With global warming midges begin to colonize now some wet areas of higher ground covered by vegetation. The outbreak periods are short but not really accurate. It is hell for the hapless hiker who found a windless day in clouds of these very angry bugs You will not regret to have brought with you, gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and above a netting hood that you put on over your head rain hat or sun hat. You probably will not have to use it, but you’ll be relieved to have it just in case … and it’s not a huge investment.

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