Almenn skilyrði

It is essential that every participant read the program before registering.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are proposing to our clients that are already booked on our trips in the next months and are not able to come to Iceland to postpone to a later date in 2020 or even until December 2021. In this case the deposit/payment that has already been made will apply as a voucher for the trip to be decided.
Fjallabak is following developments concerning the Covid-19 outbreak closely and maintains regular contact with the Chief Epidemiologist and the Icelandic Directorate of Health to follow their guidance and instructions at any given time. We are waiting to see how passenger flights will be scheduled again, but it should be sometimes after mid May.


A booking form or a registration letter for each person must be completed and sent to FJALLABAK. In addition, an advance payment (booking deposit) must be included. This amount may still not be considered as a confirmed reservation. The final confirmation of your booking, depending on the availability of space on the tour, will be sent to you promptly.

When booking a Fjallabak trip online, a confirmation fee deposit is requested. By filling out the booking form you are confirming that you understand, and have accepted our booking conditions.

  • 30% as confirmation fee deposit
  • Balance payment is requested 60 days prior to trip departure (unless prior written consent)

Fjallabak will send you in time an automatic reminder with an invoice to ask you to pay the balance of your trip online. This invoice will figure possible discounts and/or extra charges

For longer and more expensive trip (more than 9 days), the payment can be done in 3 steps

  • 30% as confirmation fee deposit
  • 30% as second payment 65 days prior to departure
  • 40% as third and final balance payment 35 days prior to departure

Fjallabak will send you in time an automatic reminder with an invoice to ask you to pay online the second payment and again for the balance of your trip. This invoice will figure possible discounts and/or extra charges

For an „a la carte“ trip or a tailor-made trip for a private group, the confirmation-booking fee is also 30% of the total trip cost, except by special agreement. Family discounts and Early Bird discounts do not apply to either „a la carte“ trips or private group quotes.

If the balance is not paid in time we are entitled to cancel your booking in which case you will be liable for the cancellation charges detailed under “Cancellation by You”.

After the settlement, you will receive documents concerning the tour. They contain the last useful information from FJALLABAK; the essential things for your trip; equipment list, bibliography and other formalities.


Your settlement can be done by sending an international check to our office or by credit transfer to our account:

ARION BANKI (ID.581008-0150)
Borgartún 19 / 105 Reykjavik / Iceland
Swift code: ESJAISRE
IBAN IS25 0301 3871 8400 6104 9722 59
Fjallabak Trekking Company (ID.610497-2259)

When Fjallabak has a representative in your country, you shall book your trip through him.


When booking, it is required that you are covered by insurance (accident, cancellation).

Before your arrival, we must have the following information:
Your personal contract number, the name and address of your insurance company, and their emergency telephone numbers.
The Name / Surname, address and telephone number of one of your family member whom we could contact if necessary.


If you wish to cancel your booking, you must notify us by writing immediately a telegram, fax or recorded delivery letter. The following cancellation fee will apply (calculated per person), counting from the date we receive your written notification:

  • Up to 90 days prior to departure 15%
  • 89 to 60 days prior to departure 30%
  • 59 to 30 days prior to departure 50%
  • 29 to 10 days prior to departure 75%
  • 9 days or fewer prior to departure 100%

All trips, which are interrupted or shortened by participants for some reason, do not obligate FJALLABAK to make any kind of reimbursement for the lost days.

If FJALLABAK must cancel the tours for some reason, the client or our correspondent will be informed 40 days before the trip’s departure and the participants will be fully reimbursed. However, they will not be able to make any claim of compensation. For this reason participants should avoid to book and pay any personal travel arrangements, which is not refundable. If the minimum required number of people notified on the program is not fulfilled, the tour could be cancelled: unless all participants accept to pay a supplement calculated exactly according to the number of participants. You will be informed at least 40 days before departure.

Program modification
Fjallabak reserves the right to reverse or change the route according to unforeseen natural events or sudden events such as volcanic activity or alert, or impassable river, late or early snow.


During the Trip
In the light of the specialty of our tours, we cannot take any responsibility of any changes in legislation, in dates, in timetable, nor in itinerary which occurs before or during the trip, in particular if these changes are provoked by uncontrollable circumstances (blocked roads, eruptions, swelling of a river, being remote from medical care, communication difficulties etc.) which could threaten the security of the participants. These changes do not create any compensation commitments on behalf of the agency.
Every participant must conform to the advice and instructions of the expedition chief or tour leader represented by FJALLABAK. Nonetheless, that person cannot be held responsible for incidents, accidents or physical injuries due to personal imprudence.

Aerial Transport
We cannot take any responsibility if the dates of your trip (both ways) have to be modified because of wrong booking or air transport perturbation. All extra expenses concerning any delays at arrival, as for departure, will be on the charge of the participant (lost luggage, hotel, meal, airport-transfer, extra transfer to reach the group or to leave before the end of the trip, telephone etc.).
FJALLABAK cannot rectify any omission on behalf of the airways.

The prices mentioned in our current tariff include transportation on land (indicated in the itineraries), accommodation (made up bed in double or single room, sleeping bag accommodation in dormitory, in huts or in a double tent) and the meals, unless indicated specially.

The prices mentioned in the program do not include: tip, insurance, personal drinks and personal expenditures, airport transfers, accommodation in Reykjavik City.

Our prices are indicated in Euros but all our costs and quotes are calculated in local currency ISK (Icelandic Krona). According to ruling exchange rates, our prices in EUR could be liable to be adjusted before the date of departure.

Tier pricing / Small group surcharge
Adventure travel works best with a small group of people. Minimum and maximum group size is indicated clearly in each program (Fjallabak staff, partner´s staff, and other discounted travelers as children are excluded from the count for this purpose). If a trip doesn’t reach the smallest number, indicated in each program, a small group surcharge will apply. When you have been charged for a small group surcharge, you will be refunded this small group surcharge if the minimum of participants is reached at departure.

Early bird discount
If you book your trip early a special early booking discount will apply on some trip when indicated in the program.

  • 10% more than 150 days (4 months) prior to trip departure on some trips, otherwise 5%
  • 5% more than 120 days (4 months) prior to trip departure

Early booking discount will be credited from our invoice final payment

Early booking discount doesn’t apply for:

  • Private groups
  • Reykjavik accommodation
  • Single room surcharge
  • Airport transfers
  • Small group surcharge
  • Children (already discounted)
  • If the balance is not paid in due time
  • Early booking discount applies by partner’s travel agents is shared equally between Fjallabak and partners

State License of The Icelandic Department of Transportation and Industry / Ferdamálastofa Íslands

Fjallabak 610497-2259