Self-drive in winter

Period from October 1st to April 30th

If you are going to explore the country by driving yourself, we can provide the vehicle and the best accommodations around the country and in the interior and, of course, our expert advice.

  • Choice between different categories of passenger vehicles or 4×4 jeeps.
  • Choice between several categories of accommodation ranging from the most rustic to the most comfortable (We recommend mixing these different categories in order to achieve the ideal itinerary)

To establish a tailor-made program and a detailed estimate, we will first need to talk about your itinerary, your wishes and what is achievable.

Before we give you a quote, depending on the length of your vacation, your number and your budget, you can start by looking at the following indicative packages:

Important: We have neither the recklessness nor the carelessness to offer you a self-drive tour in a 2-wheel drive passenger car in winter. We only offer 4 wheel drive vehicles (4wd) on our self-drive packages in this season.

The itineraries that we present here are only examples well thought out by us who know perfectly the rhythm of the Icelandic road in any season. They are modifiable of course. Longer or shorter they take place around the country on the road network open all year (or officially kept open all year). In winter (November to April) we consider that it is not reasonable to go around the country other than by driving a 4×4 vehicle.

WINTER: Majestic in winter and at the beginning of spring, Iceland, seldom visited at this season, keeps all its mystery. At the end of the night, when the light goes up with promises of rebirth, it is a wonderful experience to explore the country in winter but traveling in this season can be a challenge and in no case will we let you venture on the road other than in a 4wd vehicle . The immense little country is for you alone, uncertain weather, hot water, volcanoes covered with snow, horses that look like “cuddly” toys, reindeers which cross our road, a Short but dazzling days, absolute calm or tenacious blizzard, stubborn 4×4 vehicle, comfortable lodgings, good meals, hot bath and Northern lights.…

In winter we do not take the risk of offering you two-wheel drive regular vehicles, because traveling to Iceland in winter, even on the asphalt road network in inhabited lands, can quickly turn into an unforgettable adventure, with abandonment of the vehicle, rescue and various complications. We only offer 4×4 vehicles this season!

Outside of summer 4×4 tracks in the interior of Iceland are not passable and are prohibited. They only open officially from mid-June and close towards the end of September, sooner or later, sooner or later.

Four magnificent and evolutive seasons where Nature expresses its strength and character through very different themes.

A feast for photographers, a paradise for birders (spring),  a delight for contemplatives, an extraordinary honey moon, a family adventure…