Self-drive in summer

Comfortable self-tours in hotels and guest houses

It is no longer possible, at least in summer, from driving a car and think to find accommodation down the road.
We organize self-tour itineraries with at least six months of advances. Also to satisfy late travelers who decide to come travel to Iceland this way, we have designed a few tours where we have chosen and selected accommodation in stages.
The dates are fixed and unchangeable.

Our self-discoveries in vehicles are designed to leave a place of choice for walking and observing nature, the ambulatory walk as to more serious hikes if you are hikers.
They cater to travelers who love the direct contact with nature and who, like us, do not like mass tourism.
A timeless journey to the four cardinal points and the four seasons of Iceland. A trip to the horizon always renewed. Through landscapes which follow one another and occupy the entire space, and unraveling dramatically

One of those 6 or 8 day itineraries allow you to discover the northeast of the country with the Lake Myvatn, the canyons of Jökulsá á Fjöllum, Ásbyrgi, Peninsula Melrakkaslétta and the Languages cap and finally the high plateau of Möðrudalsöræfi.
It can associate to one of our trekking as Trekking in the Mountains of the Elves

Another route for 6 or 8 days allows you to discover the East Fjords and the fabulous South Coast that dominate by the large ice cap and famous volcanoes. It can be associate to one of our trekking in the highlands in the south.

Apart Myvatn, you will meet few people in the North East of the country. There are more tourists on the second route as and as you get closer to the capital.

Both routes can naturally combine to make a great 13-day trip in Iceland