Hiking and Exploration

The current crisis that the whole world is going through due to the covid 19 epidemic will force us to reshuffle our next season and certainly have to reduce the number of departures to focus on some of our favorites and where there are already participants registered. An online update will be made in January 2021 April and a second in early May. If the epidemic is not completely eradicated by the start of summer 2021, we will then notify and take certain measures and options, such as camping in single or double tent instead of sleeping in a refuge .

Each of these two journeys, lasting 4 days each, offers a total immersion in the wilderness of Iceland. And the two put together make a great adventure of 9 days.

It is not a trekking (hut to hut) in the strict sense of the term, but a series of loops from a comfortable shelter isolated in the heart of the highlands in an exceptional and very varied region offering a series of landscapes among the strangest of the planet

  1. Rambling in West Fjallabak / The Dalakofi region: The first area lies fin central Fjallabak highlands in the southwestern edge of the caldera of Hrafntinnusker some where between Mount Hekla et Mount Eyjafjallajökull
  2. Rambling in East of Fjallabak / The Strútur region: The second region is located in the southeast of the caldera of Hrafntinnusker, sheltered from the hills bordering the Torfajökull slopes, not far from the imposing Myrdalsjökull ice-cap and the fault of the ” Eldgjá
  3. One can associate and link two trips together for a total duration of 9 days. A day of walking is necessary to make the junction between two places. That day, luggage and food are transported by a powerful 4 × 4 vehicle.

The duration of each day of hiking varies between 4 and 8 hours, adaptable to the weather of the moment and to the general rhythm and level of the group of hikers. No marked trails! Height differences are not important and rarely abrupt. No passage is really dizzy, except for small optional climbs that some guide may suggest as an option.

You just carry a backpack (ideal capacity 35-45 liters) containing just your equipment for the day, a thermos and your picnic prepared in the morning at the refuge.

In its organization, the course of this trip will always allow someone tired who wishes to rest for a day to remain alone in the refuge peacefully and comfortably installed with food, a nice cup of tea and a good book.

Permanent daylight until the last days of July. First northern lights from mid-August and explosion of autumn colors in early September.

Early bird discount: 10% discount on our treks for early registration

This discount is applicable only to participants registering directly with us online on this site. It will be subtracted from the final balance, provided that the group has reached the minimum of 6 participants