Hiking and Exploration

Iceland nature will leave you speechless at every corner. Considered as another Planet on Earth,  walking through the volcanic landscapes feels like walking in the depth of the Ocean.

The green and moss covered parts of the island will lead you to the enchanted memories of fantasy worlds you use to live in as a child. Our treks and hikes, inspired by local legend Fjalla Eyvindur, the wanderer, will show you the country’s gems only known by locals.


Hiking base camps

The journeys of this sections are not trekking, but more of a series of hiking loops from a comfortable shelter isolated in the heart of the highlands. Perfect for those who love a time for adventure and a time to rest.

You just carry a small backpack for the day, a thermos and your picnic prepared in the morning at the refuge. The duration of each day of hiking varies between 4 and 8 hours, adaptable to the weather of the moment and to the general rhythm and level of the group of hikers.

We do not follow marked trails ! Height differences are rarely abrupt, no passage is really dizzy, except for small optional climbs that some guide may suggest as an option.

In its organization, the course of this trip will always allow someone tired who wishes to rest for a day to remain alone in the refuge peacefully and comfortably installed with food, a nice cup of tea and a good book.


See the list our Treks here.

When to see northern lights in Iceland ?

Northern lights are not and everyday gift ! Beware of the agencies that sells you a trip to see them. You can watch the sky from mid-August in order to appreciate them, with a peak during the darkest days, from October to end of March. In summer the Sun enlightens the Island, leaving no time for nighttime until the last days of July




Early bird discount: 10% discount on our treks for early registration

This discount is applicable only to participants registering directly with us online on this site. It will be subtracted from the final balance, provided that the group has reached the minimum of 6 participants