Hiking in the Faroes

In the middle of the ocean, midway between Scotland and Iceland, at latitude 62 ° N, emerges a mountain archipelago of seventeen islands: the Faroe Islands (Norse Føroyar, “the Sheep Islands “). These magnificent islands out of time have remained inaccessible for a long time. they are a revelation for the few travelers who goes there. Rain and sun, the light is exceptional, the fresh air, the powerful ocean, the innumerable puffins, the vertiginous cliffs, the very green grass, the sheep and the very silky fog, the fishing villages tiny, pretty and colorful, the boats very “vikings”, the Faroese very affable … Nowhere else than on an island, such as Mykines, one does not feel as much the vastness of the ocean, its breathing and the curvature of the blue planet. If this trip allows to discover the great natural beauty of the archipelago and its birds, the accent is also put on the originality of its culture, the history of the Faroese, their language and their customs. This beautiful discovery of the Faroe Islands and its birds in the permanent light of the northern summer is under the sign of Tjaldur, the oystercatcher, the national bird of the Faroese.