Flying in

The Icelandic transatlantic airline company ICELANDAIR is operating regular flights all the year around from / to Iceland between the USA and major European cities.

The very interesting pricing and schedule of PLAY and EASYJET

There are many companies flying to and from Iceland during the summer time.

Seat Requests
Most scheduled airlines now allow you to manage your own flight reservation online on their website. If you have not previously requested specific seats or meals via your travel consultant, you can normally request these via the airline’s website, as well as checking in for your flight online should you wish. Simply visit the airline’s website, enter your surname and the 6-digit booking reference shown at the top of your E-ticket. Most airlines allow check-in 24-72 hours before departure.

Please be aware that some airlines charge to pre-allocate seats, and some fare types will not allow pre-booking of seats at all. If you are unable to pre-book seats, we recommend you check in at the airport as early as possible in order to secure your preferred seats, at least three hours before departure.

Your personal checked baggage allowance should be shown on your e-ticket. For further information, we recommend you check the relevant airline’s website for the up-to-date regulations.

Hand Luggage
There should be no sharp objects in your hand luggage, nor liquids/gels over 100ml (for the latest regulations please refer to the airport’s website). Personal medication should be carried in your hand baggage with a doctor’s letter. An explanation of airline baggage limits and useful packing advice can be found on the IATA website

You may also encounter additional security checks relating to electronic devices, such as mobile phones, particularly when flying to/from the USA. You should ensure that any electronic devices carried as hand baggage are fully charged before travel – any devices that do not switch on may not be allowed on the aircraft. There are also some additional restrictions in place on incoming flights to the UK from a small number of countries and you may be instructed to place some electronic devices in your checked hold luggage, rather than hand baggage.

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