Our partners worldwide

If we have a representative in your country, you should book your Fjallabak trip through him, there may be some extra charges, but very little, if any.

This tour operator will answer all your questions about any Fjallabak trip, will help you to arrange your flights, to book your Reykjavik accommodation and will provide you with information about insurance.

If we do not have a representative in your country, please contact us either by e-mailing us at info@fjallabak.is or by calling us on (+354) 511 3070.
(For emergency or special requests only, please contact Philippe Patay (+354) 824 3071 – philippe@fjallabak.is )

When you are sure to come, you can book your trip online.
We very much look forward to hearing from you !

Here is the full list of the tour operators representing us worldwide in: USA, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, Canada, Scandinavia, Italy, France and Germany.

USA:  DISTANT JOURNEYS  http://www.distantjourneys.com

AUSTRALIA: NORDIC TRAVEL http://www.nordictravel.com.au

CANADA:  GREAT EXPEDITIONS http://www.greatexpeditions.com

QUEBEC:  EXPEDITIONS MONDE http://www.expeditionsmonde.com

QUEBEC:  PARRION TERRE http://www.passionterre.com

FRANCE: AGUILA  http://www.aguila-voyages.com

GERMANY: ARKTISCHE ABENTEUER http://www.arktischeabenteuer.de

SUISSE: THIERRY BASSET http://www.thierrybasset.ch

SUISSE: GEO-DECOUVERTE http://www.geo-decouverte.com

SUISSE: APN VOYAGES http://www.apnvoyages.ch/

SUISSE: KONTIKI-SAGA https://www.kontiki.ch/

SUISSE: TOURISME POUR TOUS http://www.tourismepourtous.ch