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Our Overland journeys are specially designed for Nature lovers who are not deterred by some exertion, ideal for those wanting to experience Iceland’s stunning, unspoiled scenery at first hand, but at an easier pace compared to our more demanding treks. We are not only driving, we like to walk and look around!

With us you will not only visit the most renowned and inevitable “tourist” spots, but you will also discover the most secret parts of the highlands and the strangest but magnificent remote peninsulas of the coast.

The average driving is always reasonable with less than 150 km a day.

Group size is from 6 to 12 participants

Hiking frequently, we will experience the stunning diversity of this “huge small land”. Stopping time to time by small settlements, you will also have a chance to meet the original Icelandic culture, the result of a long fight between this courageous people and nature’s harsh forces.

The general rhythm of the journey, the relatively small size of the group, and the everlasting days, will give you that special feeling and allow each person to relax and enjoy this unique experience.

The participants can be from different nationalities, Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians or New Zealanders. Some time other languages than English are spoken by Europeans as Italian, Scandinavian, German, French, Spanish or…Hungarian but don’t worry your Icelandic guide will be leading the trip in English.

A Fjallabak trip is a unique opportunity to meet, interact and socialize with pleasant companions and make friends around the world.