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Randi Meitil

Randil Meitil

Randi Meitil has worked with Philippe Patay for almost 20 years organizing and guiding trekking tours and other voyages in the Faroe Islands. She is born and lives in the capital of the islands, Tórshavn. She is a passionate mediator of faroese nature, culture and history and knows all the legends connected to the landscape of her beloved islands. She has been a teaching Spanish and faroese in high school for many years but recently she has left the school to work full time leading groups to her favorite places in the Faroes. Her aim is to give people an experience that is as authentic and original as possible. Beside the Scandinavian languages she is guiding in french, English, German and Spanish.

Þórdís Kristvinsdóttir


Þórdís Kristvinsdóttir AKA Dísa is a charming 44 year old Icelandic woman. Married and has two grown up boys. She has been wondering about outdoors and in the mountains since her childhood. She is a specialist of the East of Iceland since she is from Egilsstadir, the capital of the East. She graduated from the Mountain guiding school in 2014 and since then she hardly ever comes to town because she is always bicycling somewhere in the East part of Iceland with people. She has also done quite a lot of jeep tour adventures into Kverkfjöll and Askja.

Þórir Gunnar Jónsson

Thorir one of Fjallabak Trekking's guides in Iceland

Thorir is a charming and strong young man who joined our team last summer and we are so happy to have him! He knows how to create a smooth and good ambiance in the wilderness and make our trekkers feel good and secure.

Páll Zophanias Pálsson

Palli one of Fjallabak Trekking's guides in Iceland

When I was 14 years old I went on a hike with Fjallabak. It opened my eyes to a new relm of adventure. Since then I have always wanted to work for them. The path to realize that dream was long and a strange one, but it was worth it. Now a new chapter begins and hopefully you will be a part of that.